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Our new location is located 13913 North May Avenue.  Call for an appointment today.

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When your child gets sick the illness often seems to escalate quickly. That's why at Just Kids Pediatrics we offer full service pediatric care! We are dedicated to giving your children high quality care when they need it the most. Call us now to make an appointment! 405-212-4379


Just Kids Pediatrics Urgent Care is dedicated to making families feel better sooner by providing same day access to high-quality pediatric care 7 days a week with extended hours and a convenient location. Visit our Urgent Care page for more information.


"I’m a new patient, thus far the office as been so kind and easy to get in for an appointment! I’m so glad we found a local pediatrician that can help when my girls need medical care!" - Mary R.

About Us

Just Kids Pediatrics is a company created by qualified, highly-educated medical professionals and pediatricians in Oklahoma City. We built our company based on what is best for your family in all aspects of primary care. We chose a prime location that will be easy for you to get to and we are completely dedicated to offering your family individualized, one-on-one care from a friendly and competent staff.

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Why Us?

We are a full service pediatric care facility in OKC that is dedicated to keeping your kids safe from illness and helping them live a healthy lifestyle. Our pediatricians are familiar with working specifically with children so we have the training and knowledge to handle almost any problem. You'll love how thoroughly we keep you updated with every detail of your child's health!

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What's New?

Avoid Getting A Cold

School just started, and that means that your child will be bringing home more than just homework. It’s a known fact that kids share germs, especially at school. This doesn’t change throughout life. If someone in the office is sick, it probably means everyone will have it at some point or another. I...

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What To Know For Flu Season

As the weather begins to shift, so do your chances of getting sick. If you are in tune with your body or at least your child’s behavior, you can tell when you and they are getting sick. Since school just started, your child is probably picking up all sorts of things from other kids. Sickness in kids...

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Importance Of Vaccinating Your Children

Currently, there is controversy surrounding vaccinating your child. Many celebrities have spoken out about the “dangers” about vaccinating, but what about the dangers of not vaccinating your children? At Just Kids Pediatrics, located in Oklahoma City, OK, we want to educate you and your family about...

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